Garage Door Spring Repair Stamford, Connecticut

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The first thing that experts who deal with broken garage door springs in Stamford, CT is try to know the kind of spring system that your door has. There are two types of springs available on the market namely the extension springs and the torsion springs.

If the springs is located alongside the opening of the door, those are extension springs whereas torsion springs are found on top of the opening of the door. When these devices wear out, it becomes troublesome to use the garage door. In such a case, only a technician comes in handy. You need to always go for certified technicians when you are looking for broken garage door springs repair in Stamford, CT.


As mentioned above, there are two kinds of springs used in garage doors. However, it is an ideal decision to change both the springs even if only one spring has worn out. A good technician recommends you to replace both the springs. When you hire Garage Door Repair Stamford, CT, you get the best solution for your garage door. At first, we determine what spring is suitable for your door as it comes in different size and weight. Once we figure out an appropriate one, we install it in your door in no time. While executing garage door spring replacement, we take care of each and every safety that is quintessential.

One rule of thumb-never try to replace your broken torsion springs or broken extension springs without a professional’s hand. If you happen to install a wrong spring, it not only make your garage door dysfunctional, but also will hazardous to your family.

Such advice is important especially for the DIY fans simply because the devil is in the details. Avoid undue trouble and simply get experts from Garage Door Repair Stamford, CT.

Replacing Garage Door Springs all alone is Dangerous.

It is a dangerous task to replace garage door torsion spring when you lack a proper knowledge. There are multiple things that need to be taken care of when you are replacing heavy duty garage door spring. To get the best result, you need to be experienced and have all the essential tools required in the replacement process.

If you are in quest for any service related to garage door springs or garage door extension spring repair, we are here to come to your aid at any point of day and night. Dealing with garage door issues is our forte and therefore you do not be skeptical when you are hiring our garage door torsion spring replacement service.

The garage door torsion spring repair cost in our firm is nominal, so you be rest assured that it won’t hurt your budget. Also, broken garage door spring repair cost are much affordable. Furthermore, we offer a lifetime guarantee on garage door springs. For that matter, when you encounter anything weird in your spring and it is in guarantee period, we repair it without demanding any service charge. This is one of the major brownie points customers relish in our company. Another advantage is that discounts and offers are available all the time in our company.

To avail the discount, you do not need to do anything extra, you simply download the coupon online for the specific service you need. Subsequently, give the printout to our technicians to redeem the offer. After fulfilling your work, we give you the receipt entailing the final charge after deducting the discounted price. By all means, our garage door services are beneficial to our valuable customers in Stamford, CT. Having said that,

Inspection and Maintenance

A good technician do a thorough inspection of your garage door system before starting to work on any complications. This is to ensure that the garage door spring repair service that is done is not only effective, but also efficient. You should also learn how to carry out basic inspection so that any problem in your door will be handled in its early stage. This keeps your door out of danger and ensure smooth functioning. Apart from inspection, you should also carry out maintenance on your garage door. The best known method of maintenance is spraying lubricants on all the important parts so that they do not rust. You are also supposed to ensure that the lubricant used is specifically for that purpose since there are some lubricant available with components that are destructive.

Garage Door Repair Stamford, CT is always here to help you with your garage door problems. Are you still pondering whom to call if the garage door springs break or if you want to replace broken garage door spring? Don’t waste your time thinking much, call us, our specialists are available to answer you in no time. Contact us today if you are facing any problem in your garage door.